Dr. Rebecca Lovejoy, licensed psychologist

support your soul's journey with psychotherapy, spiritual coaching, mind-body practices, and energy healing

Transformational healing blending traditional and alternative approaches

Dr. Rebecca Lovejoy's work with clients offers a uniquely integrative and holistic approach to the healing journey. The tools she uses to facilitate this process find their origins in traditional psychological theory, body-awareness approaches, mindfulness practices, and energy healing.

She understands you and the issues you bring to therapy through the lens of family history, socio-cultural background, and your spiritual beliefs. Rebecca's work is centered in an approach that is intuitive, compassionate and committed to growth and healing. She believes healing is best undertaken in the context of connection and collaboration, and asks you to work with her in a team approach. This often includes other caregivers and appropriate referrals for adjunctive therapies. With these approaches, Rebecca will gently help you to reconnect with your heart and soul, and develop a more loving relationship with yourself and others.

Your healing journey is greatly enhanced in the context of a therapeutic relationship that offers compassionate support and guidance, and a practical set of skills to help you negotiate difficult emotions. Learning how to have healthy, stable, and satisfying relationships is integral to the healing process. Additionally, you may yearn to experience deeper meaning in your life, and develop a sense of connection to something greater than yourself.

Rebecca will guide you in a process of collaborative exploration and inquiry that addresses this longing. Rebecca will support you on your soul's journey with a warm and caring presence that is grounded in 17 years of professional therapy practice and 20 years of knowledge and experience in effective spiritual tools and techniques.

Rebecca’s background

Rebecca earned her Masters in Holistic Counseling from Lesley College in 1992, and her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology in 2000. She trained extensively in the treatment of trauma, with a particular focus on feminist and multicultural contexts. She also developed a specialization in mind/body psychology that emphasized the use of mindfulness practices.

Rebecca's interest in the soul, and in spiritual practices, began in the mid-eighties. Her approach to helping clients on their soul's journey is informed by her own spiritual journey. Along the way she has been a practitioner of Vipassana meditation and currently practices Transcendental Meditation. She also has a regular yoga practice, and spends lots of time hiking in the woods. Rebecca has been a student of Esoteric Healing for seven years and will complete her training in 2008. Additionally, she has completed a four-year apprenticeship in The Sunpoint Method™ of energy healing.

Services offered

Initially, you and Rebecca will discuss your needs and goals. During this assessment she will explain the different services offered, and together you will determine which approach is best suited to you. Rebecca offers individual, couples and group therapy. Esoteric Healing and The Sunpoint Method™ of energy healing can also be incorporated into your treatment plan. Rebecca offers home visits as well.


  • Individual, couples and group therapy
  • Distance energy healing
  • Workshops
  • Home visits

A Soul's Journey group is starting soon

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